Does Demolition Mean Demolishing A Building to The Ground

Demolition companies go through extensive training and have years of experience, which gives them the ability to offer multiple types of demolition services. When people ask the question “does demolition mean demolishing a building to the ground?”

Does Demolition Mean Demolishing A Building to The Ground

When people think about demolition, they envision a building being quickly and recklessly destroyed down to the ground. This is never the case, and demolition is a much more intricate process. Demolishing a building to the ground is an option if a structure requires it, but it’s not the only option and many people often hire demolition services for different methods that are offered.

Demolition companies go through extensive training and have years of experience, which gives them the ability to offer multiple types of demolition services. When people ask the question “does demolition mean demolishing a building to the ground?”, this is the answer they’re looking for. No, it does not, there are many different methods within the demolition industry that you can now learn about.

Planning and Site Inspection

Demolition isn’t a simple procedure where a team comes in, destroys a structure, then leaves. It requires planning and inspecting a site/structure before a job can even think to commence. Planning demolition on a site means checking the floor plans and any surrounding structures beforehand. This is for health and safety reasons for the workers, the public, and the surrounding structures.

If a residential structure that requires a demolition is surrounded by other homes, then getting the proper permits is necessary to stay within regulations and laws set by the local government. The same goes for a commercial demolition project, except this requires even further planning since most commercial structures have surrounding buildings and/or pedestrians. Making sure the safety of the public isn’t put in danger in any way is key to a demolition project. Inspecting the site is important to this process as well and should be done beforehand to check for any health hazards that may be present during a job.

Finding asbestos in a structure is a common health risk that must be assessed properly. Asbestos is an extremely hazardous material that was commonly used in construction before the 21st century and can still be found in many different structures. The presence of asbestos can mean two things for a demolition company. Removing the asbestos before a project begins or getting the proper PPE and permits necessary to work within this environment. This example alone is the reason why a demolition company does a plan and site inspection before a job. Keeping everyone safe is their priority over anything else.

Demolition Methods

Often in media, demolition is depicted as the overall destruction of a structure in a short time frame, when it’s quite the opposite. Numerous demolition methods are offered by demolition companies, and each is used for specific scenarios where they’re needed. We’ll be focusing on the methods that are used for partial demolition, so you can get an idea of how many types of ways it can be done and how common it is for a demolition service to offer these methods.

Selective Demolition

Selective demolition is done with the idea of slowly tearing down the structure, either overall or in specific areas. Reduce, reuse, recycle are kept in mind during the entire process. Demolition companies go into a structure after the planning and when it’s a selective demolition job, they take down all the building materials that have been planned for demolition for repurposing. All that can be recovered is done in the best of conditions. It’s costly and takes time, but it’s done to lower the cost of the next structure that’s built by reusing the materials or recycling the old materials to be remade into new materials to reduce the usage of natural materials. It’s a method of demolition that most don’t consider or even have knowledge of despite it being used quite often, especially when a partial demolition job is required.

High-Reach Arm Demolition

This method of demolition is done with machinery that has arms for reaching high up onto structures. You may be thinking this is done to destroy the structure overall, but once again this method is used for partial demolition quite often. Consider that a section of a residential home may be deemed unsafe and unfit to be renovated. A demolition company would be employed to use their high-reach arm equipment to demolish that specific section of the house safely and efficiently.


The relocation of a structure can be a very timely and costly endeavor but it’s a method of demolition that is offered for those who might need it. A demolition team would come in and commence a partial demolition to prep the house for moving to another location. This is not a method that’s sought out often, but it goes to show how many different methods alone there are within the partial demolition category.

Waste Management

Cleaning up is just as important a part of demolition as the actual act of demolishing a structure. The clean-up afterward needs to be done under the proper regulations, laws and must be done by experts. Demolition companies often offer their demolition services to have clean up afterward, as they’re the ones who made the mess so they would be the ones to clean it up. They’re under the law to clean up afterward, and you’ll find that trying to do this yourself is dangerous and not a simple process. Waste management is a highly regulated process, and properly disposing of the materials that were demolished may be hazardous and need to be done by professionals. On top of this, the demolition services offered may be selective demolition which means that the demolition company can reuse the materials that are still in proper condition, saving you money on a future project.

Knowing how intricate a demolition project can be and all the factors that need consideration are bound to give you a sense of respect for the work put in by demolition companies. If you’re looking for demolition services and you’re unsure of which one you require, contact your local demolition company for further information on the process.