Create striking explainer videos

Make informative explainer videos that are guaranteed to make your viewers feel smart.

No more boring content and inspiration killers! Explainer Videos are here to help you create the most persuasive explainer animation ever.

Explainers are short videos (usually, under the 2-minute mark,) that describe your mission in a concise, clear, and entertaining way.

It follows a basic, yet effective structure – First, getting into the particulars of the issue and then portraying your solution.

They allow you to showcase what your organization is all about, what you do, and whom you have come to help. It also gives you a platform to include a compelling call-to-action that prompt your audience to take the next step

What are The Advantages of Producing Explainer Videos?

They are short and to the point: People’s attention span isn’t very high (some reports clocks it at 8 seconds.) Explainer videos are, by nature, a great way to get a lot of information across in a short time.

They put your personality on display: Explainers work as introductory videos for people that know nothing about you, serving as an ideal platform to introduce what you are all about. They can be the first thing a person sees about your nonprofit; allowing its voice and message to come through with unique combinations of visual styles, music, and narrative.

They teem with creativity: Or at least should, when done right! Explainer videos are the perfect medium to convey a message – especially when it requires generating empathy. For that, you can use meaningful animation, unexpected script turns (narrative), and adequate characterization.

They are adaptable: Explainers work in a lot of areas. You can share them over social media, embed them on your website, link them in your emails – even create a QR code for them to use on a brochure!