About Us

As professionals with considerable experience of web standards, accessibility and usability, You all knew what makes a great design, It’s a unique mix of creativity, appropriate color schemes, image selection, best page layouts, usability and search engine friendliness. Our team has the best experience in designing attractive, neat, professional websites that remains unique as company goals. We always conduct in-depth research on your industry before initiating your project. Our unique Web Design architecture will compel visitors to stay on your web page by removing any sort of distraction. We have a skilled team of User Interface experts to craft your experiences into user-friendly Responsive Web Designs. we care deeply that every website we produce is built responsibly and can be used by everyone.

i Science Inc., is committed to effective management at every level within the business. We ensure we accept work within our areas of expertise and capacity to deliver within the project plan.  All work is conducted to a high professional standard with sensitivity, technical, and commercial integrity.

D. Nagaraj,
M.Sc., B.Ed., PGDCSc., D.H.Tech.,
Director - i Science Inc.,